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[08 Feb 2018|05:24pm]
First-time feature director Brandon Christensen brings some impressive snap to the postnatal spook-show "Still/Born." Christensen and co-writer Colin Minihan mostly repeat old beats from suburban supernatural horror films like "Poltergeist" and "Paranormal Activity," but strong actors and lean, unfussy storytelling ought to be more than enough to please genre buffs.

It's clear "Still/Born" is going to be something special in its opening minutes, which use intimate handheld camerawork, droning music and impressionistic editing to capture how new parents Mary (Christie Burke) and Jack (Jesse Moss) swing from joy to despair when one of their twins doesn't survive delivery.Read more...Collapse )
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[02 Dec 2013|07:09pm]

Remember all those times where you didn’t use a condom during sex and spent the next few days anxiously waiting to find out if you’d be welcoming an unexpected child into your life? I know, that’s enough of a horror movie right there, thinking about the responsibility of taking care of another life, but Contracted is worse – oh, so much worse. I firmly believe that Eric England’s body-horror flick should be shown in high schools around the world when the importance of using protecting is discussed in Sex Ed classes, because having an STD is one thing, but the thought of contracting whatever the hell this STD is will probably cause any sexually active viewers to carry a whole box of condoms on their person at all times.

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